Cute brown haired guy with the sweetest dimples. The most flawless, charming boy you'll ever meet. Has a good sense for fashion. He is a great listener and really cares about his friends. Will do everything to cheer you up.
Allison: "You saw that cute guy over there?"
May: "11 out of 10"
Allison: "Such a Marco."
by allen wawawalker December 05, 2021
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Awkwardly trying to squeeze in between people because one does not want to be on the end of something, I.E. a stand in a stadium.
Sorry about marcoing in here guys, I just really didn't want to be on the end of these stands.
by whale1258 November 20, 2011
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A move pulled only during a shesha session, involving pointing right at someone (or a camera), taking a pull from the cobra and basically dominating the room around you with your presence. You must be sitting up properly, or in some rare cases standing, with your arm outstretched at the person/camera.
This move requires one to be drinking either an espresso or amaretto on the rocks, but not immediately while doing "The Marco".
You also need to be severely over dressed for where the shesha session is happening, ie wearing a 3/4 black jacket, black suit, black shirt (anything black really), in the places such as apartments, basements, student housing, etc.

"The Marco" was named after Marco "The Suit" Antonelli.
Internationally known for burying people in the desert.
Known for yelling "You better think about it!" for no reason.

Not to be confused with "A Marco".

Yes Frejek the name says it all! You didn't quite pull "The Marco" off, but i'm going to help you out.

What you did wrong while doing "The Marco" are:
1) The stone must be seen within the picture
2) You aren't taking a pull
3) You must be wearing either a suit or a 3/4 length jacket
4) Your point needs to be more outstretched
5) Sit up and not so hunched over

What you did right are:
1) Good eye contact with the camera
2) Holding the cobra within a hand, excellent
3) This is a necessity but I'm glad to see that you are in some sort of a dungeon like atmosphere!(Hense, why you need to be so dressed up. haha)

Now don't get down on yourself Frejek "The Marco" is a hard move to do and i know you will improve on it the next time!!
by Adam Kraehling February 04, 2007
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The most cutest guy ever. He may seem like a nerd but he has a caring heart. He will make you fall in love and lead you on but will come back. He loves video games. And he always makes sure his hair is okay
Girl 1:Hey girl, I just came back from my date and it was wonderful
Girl 2:you must've gone out with Marco

Girl 1:How'd you know
by Sosadbutinlove June 03, 2014
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A real savage ass nigga. Pulls hoess. Never leave his squad nick name 12 inch daddy. Stick up for his R.O.D's. Loyal
God damn does marco ever leave his squad?
by Assfucm710293 January 30, 2017
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A Marcos is a very tall handsome guy, relatively mature. He will rarely fall in love, but if he chooses you he will give you all of his love and attention. Often he will look out of his friends and care for them. A Marcos is a very intelligent, caring, loving, strong, hardworking guy. He will look good when he chooses to. A Marcos does not smile often but if he smiles because of you, you mean lot to him. He does not like seeing close ones cry. Often a Marcos is half Mexican.
Marcos is a cool guy.
by мä̤ཞⒸo̲̅s̸ January 30, 2019
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The most amazing guy in the world. He is sweet, thoughtful, and funny. He is a weirdo but you will still love him because he is perfect no matter what. He is full of surprises and has a great sense of humor. He will understand you and always be there for you no matter what.
I met this amazing guy! He is just like Marco.
by BroadwayBaby July 25, 2017
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