The best people were born on this day
"When were you born"
"March 27th"
"No wonder your the best!"
by Angvil October 17, 2019
The most beautiful girls are born on this day. They lure you in with their beauty and voices. They can control your mind. Make you do crazy things. Their beauty doesn’t age. They are sirens. The women born on March 27th are connected to the sea. Their birthstone is Aquamarine. Their love is pure but fatal.
“Wow why is that girl so gorgeous?”
“Because she was born on March 27th. People say she’s a true born siren
by Havenvelour October 16, 2019
Don’t give a shit day, this day is were u can drop all drama and live life!!! And stop all bullshit.
“March 27th is the day we’re you

drop drama, and love life and stop all the bullshit!”
by Zoe the clown :)) October 22, 2019
Person 1: It’s March 27th, do you know what that means?

Person 2: It’s national Gerard Way selfie day!
by franksweenhand March 27, 2020
On this day all people of human kind will have burnt there pizza roles and will have to eat chicken nuggets instead and cry
March 27th means that our pizza roles will burn which will cause us to have to eat Chicken nuggets and die cause they like pizza roles better
by Aiden the burnt pizza role October 28, 2019
A day to rub your gfs pu$$y
Today is March 27th you know what that means
by 194003 March 26, 2021
"Spackle And Strap" day
Spackle and strap is getting sumthin white and sticky to strap on later
Its march 27th and We were building a tool and had to Spackle and strap before we moved on
by SpackleNStrap March 29, 2022