Very handsome and very nice. Makes funny jokes and isn’t too serious. He is very good at soccer. Super smart. Never gives up. Can be a total dickhead at times. Always trustworthy and has great integrity. Has a lot if energy. Doesn’t care what people think about him. He tells people if he hates them so they know what they are doing wrong in life.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there.
Girl:2 Yea. That’s probably Marcello.
by That smart Messmore kid November 13, 2018
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Marcellos is a very special person. Very laid back and chill. But knows how to have a good time when it's necessary. Very stern and confident in everthing Marcellos does. Caring, sweet, and very serious. A dependable person. Will make you feel like your on top of the world. Very athletic and handsome. A ladies man.
Marcellos is so funny ! I wish I was like him !
by WestWest lightBright April 28, 2011
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An Italian who can't hold a pistol properly.
Tony: Marcello!
Marcello: What is it?
Tony: What you doing?
Marcello: Holding a pistol
Tony: Mamma mia, Marcello! That's not how you hold a pistol!
Marcello: What you mean?
Tony (holding the pistol properly): THIS is how you hold a pistol! Alberto! Come-a look at Marcello!
Alberto (holding 2 rifles in the proper Italian way): *deep inhale* MAMMA MIA!!!
by Surzel January 1, 2020
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A name of Italian descent usually more common in Naples, Italy.
The name is pronounced (Mar-chello) and not Marsello.

My name by the way and I love it :).
by Moose065 January 23, 2009
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Marcello is always the hottest all the girls like him. He is also really good at basketball.
a girl ; Do you see that dude he is so hot
other girl; That is Marcello every girl likes him
by no god June 5, 2019
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big hunk of prociutttt
marcello, yea he has a big hunker
by etrhtuieht May 24, 2017
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hottest guy ever.....If any of you bitches want him you gotta get through me and be prepared for me to kick your ya boo! hehe
march is a hotty!!!!!((((((love)))))))
by pipes February 3, 2004
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