Four sexy dead gay wizards from the 70s
The marauders were bigger pranksters than Fred and George.
The marauders are sexy as fuck.
by Heyloserwhatsup May 30, 2021
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Mascot for a school that more or less kicks everyone else's ass in everything and anything. In general, they are better looking, smarter, funnier, and more awesome than someone who is not one. Signum Fidei bitch. SJCI for life.
Bro, those Marauders really kicked our Daisy asses. I wish they pounded them in the locker room showers afterwards also.
by frederickdouglass November 09, 2010
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1. A raider or Barbarian

Past Tense: Maraud: To Raid or Pillage.
1. The Saxons were 'marauders'
by Pioneerdude August 18, 2007
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Remus Lupin (Moony), Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail), Sirius Black (Padfoot), and James Potter (Prongs). Also known as MWPP, this fantastic foursome was the greatest trickster-troublemaker clan in the history of Hogwarts (although as Hagrid quite aptly pointed out, the Weasley twins probably could have given them a run for their money) until James met his untimely demise on Halloween of 1981. Sirius died in 1995, and Remus and Peter both died in 1997. Their legacies, however, live on: every time you use a secret passage or avoid a detention, remember the Marauders.
I was on my way to class when the Marauders set off a Dungbomb in the corridor for Snivellus and I had to take a detour so I wouldn't smell like it, too, so I was late for Charms. Typical.
by AnythingGoes13 March 05, 2008
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Isabella: I love Severus he’s so misunderstood 😖😖🥺🥺
Hannah: wtf no he isn’t LMAOOO

(The only reason I put Isabella is cause I know a Sniv stan called Isabella)
by Sexc queen May 31, 2021
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To raid in search of riches. To pillage for spoils.

Someone who^^^ would also be known as "a marauder". They are usualy characterized as rouges or thieves
He chums, lets us marauder that thrift shop!
by werwertwgg432 January 17, 2005
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car similar to a Crown Victoria in style, but has a lot more balls and is often confused with police cars
2003 Mercury Marauder
2004 Mercury Marauder
by Chad December 11, 2004
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