This is a character from Harry Potter who was one of the four Marauders and everyone hates him. His animagus form is a rat and he is a rat on the basis that he sold information on James and Lily and Harry Potter's hiding place to Voldemort in exchange for his own life. Then he, who we hate, framed Sirius, who we love, for murdering 13 people and lived as a rat for the 12 years that Sirius was in the hell hole of Azkaban prison. In conclusion, we hate Peter, and Sirius never died in OotP.
Remus Lupin:
"No Harry it wasnt him, somebody did betray your parents but it was somebody who up until quite recently i belived to be dead."
Harry Potter:
"Who was it then?"
Sirius Black:
"Peter Pettigrew!"

Scene in the Shrieking Shack in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
by someoneisherealreadysoshush August 8, 2009
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A stupid piece of crap who should rot in hell, born in the Harry Potter universe and is thankfully dead
Me: "Damn, you're worse than Peter Pettigrew!"

Other dude: -kills himself from the shame-
by The Flying Taco September 18, 2010
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Disgusting, cowardly piece of crap from the Harry Potter series that betrayed his best friends to save his own worthless ass.
Peter Pettigrew has a place reserved for him in Hell.
by Darla Washington April 4, 2004
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AKA: Wormtail

One time Tag-Along best friend to James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Gryffindor for God only knows what reasons. Filthy betraying piece of shit. Minion of the dark Lord Voldemort. As good as killed James and Lily Potter. Also, owes Harry Potter his life.
"Hello, I'm Peter Pettigrew, and I betray my best friends."
by Charm March 20, 2004
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Have you read Harry potter}?

Remember that rat guy, Peter?

Yeah well he was kinda 2 faced etc, so that's exactly what this is. A 2 faced bitch is a Peter Pettigrew!!
'She's such a Peter Pettigrew'
'Harry Potter fan then huh?'
by Foolqueeeeeeeen March 23, 2016
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Ex-friend of the MWPP, current minion of the dark lord, the one no one loved.
He may be a backstabbing, cowardly son of a bitch, but he's the best cowardly son of a bitch ever.
Stop the hate! Stop the hate!
by Alex Kyle July 29, 2004
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