Derrived from "Mang"

an alternative way to say "man" or "mang" used by ethnicities other than Hispanic ones, because they feel that they are much cooler than the Mexicans.
Mexican:"Hey Mang."
Asian:"Hey Mango."
Asian:"Yeah it's like mang, but cooler."
by Ajan Wok December 28, 2009
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being excessively drunk
- Let's get MANGO!!!
- Last night, Sebastian was so damn mango, that he started yelling at those chicks at McDonald's
by cilliejean May 03, 2010
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An Orange tasty fruit.

Stereotypically, Pakis or any other brown people are addicted to them and will have them with everything!
- Pakis fuckin love mangos! Look at him go!

- I went to the shop with my paki friend Sanjay. He bought mango concentrate juice, mango flavoured tango, mango fruit pastels and finally, a fuckin mango
by CurrymuncherRaj July 12, 2013
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a really stupid yellow dog that always excapes from mas house when you leave the door/gate open. also smells like a freshly taken shit and is very playful.
mango you smell like a freshly taken shit.

close the door so mango doesnt get out.

by big tim August 25, 2004
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A skateboarding stance, in which you skate goofy, except you push with your left foot and place it back on the front of the board.
by sheckyfan January 25, 2005
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