3 definitions by Whyamiborn

A mango is a fruit u eat with a fork while ur sitting in a gamer chair and u smash the mango Peel right on ur laptop screen and while smashing the mango Peel on Your laptop screen u also scream FUCK YOU MOM!
Mom- U like to do the mango
by Whyamiborn February 21, 2022
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some people would say that it is a danish dessert but guess what assholes its not its a a word to call that dumb pick me girl who is stupid af
ur just a real rød grød med fløde bitch
by Whyamiborn March 16, 2022
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A Old White man who like to touch chikens without feathers
Look mom threre is a pedo behind that tree
by Whyamiborn February 18, 2022
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