Characterized by old age and experience, a mandude is a man over the age of 26 who is enrolled in an undergraduate institution seeking a bachelors degree.
Type I Mandude- already have families, wives or a previous career. These are usually the best variety to have around.
Type II Mandude are extremely perverted and hit on all the young girls in his class, usually distinguishable by haughtiness, bald spots, obesity, and are very vocal during class. Most type II mandudes have never felt a titty of a sober woman.
by Ajsherco290 June 03, 2009
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A person who uses "man" and "dude" in the same sentence during a conversation.
Sanj (On-phone) to Rick: Hey dude, how are you man?

Rick to John :Sanj is such as a mandude !!
by damanjit September 25, 2010
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Derived from the word homie this term is used when talking to your closest homies.
by T-Cubed April 24, 2004
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1.A phrase used to attract the attentions of the target audience and then to refer to them casually.
2. A superhero never seen and seldom heard of.
1. Man, Dude, i took a wicked shit just now.
2."Man, dude... who the hell is mandude?"
by Daniel Craig October 12, 2006
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Used by jocks,
@ my school anyway.
"mandude shes hot!"
"dude shes mine"
by Sully:) February 17, 2009
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An excited state of awareness describing an event that has occurred .
ManDude ,Did you see that?!
by necron_99 May 26, 2007
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It is a bit foggy, someones uncle
"Its a bit foggy"
"the guys uncle"
by The Rick April 17, 2003
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