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1. Manda Panda (noun) is a term of endearment for a girl by the name of Amanda. Manda Pandas tend to enjoy watching korean horror films on youtube, as well as full autopsies and videos of pus popping out of infections. Manda Pandas like to wear magenta bras, panties, and knee-high socks in hot weather. Manda Pandas are exceptionally good fag hags, and although they claim to want to pursue careers in pharmacy, they're really biologically designed to be madames or anti-Christs. Manda Pandas are communists.
Did you see that Manda Panda over there? She's a communist, because democracy is so 1776.
by charlesalicious August 07, 2009
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something that dumbass say to people mainly asians tho
Fat kid: "Hey Ajax, MANDA PANDA AHHHH"
Ajax: "Fuck u bro, wanna play fortnite tho?"
by Thiccmanj3 January 14, 2019
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