A set of summer shorts with a pattern not unlike a picnic blanket. Individual preferences include, but are not limited to: Plaid or Alternating of contrasting colored solid squares. Spotting someone wearing "Mancinis" is a clear indicator that summer has arrived. They are commonly seen at lakefronts, on camping trips or visiting newly born babies. One who chooses to wear "Mancinis" will often experience feelings of joy, drunkenness, and the warmth associated with being around good friends. Also commonly known as "Picnic Pants", The term "Mancini" is reserved for those of a higher social standing and ultimately more self respect.
Scenerio 1
Boy: "Why wont you go out with me?"
Girl: "You have no style and don't know how to party"
Boy: "I'm heading over to Bob's Stores to pick up a pair of Mancinis"
Girl: "Really? Lets make love!!"

Scenerio 2
Prince William: "What should I wear on our honeymoon?"
Catherine Middleton: "Mancinis of course"

"Every time a bell rings"...Chuck Norris kills someone with a roundhouse kick to the face and then wipes his victims blood on his new "Mancinis"
by Joman416 June 6, 2011
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The kinda Italian to get beat by his father for having an asthma attack after getting beat and also looks like a savage beast man.
Boy 1: Oh boy here comes Mike Mancini, looks like his dad beat him for having an asthma attack and got beat for it

Boy 2: Damn poor cave man savage!
by TacoEatingMan October 27, 2017
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The belief that ones self is the smartest, most good looking, and only important person in existence. People with such belief must also refer to themselves in the third person, and refer to large groups of onlookers as the "Body"
"My professor is so full of himself... he even refers to himself in the third person. He must be a follower of Manciniism."
by MCs apprentice November 20, 2009
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Extreme case of constipation, e.g. Victor Manicini in the novel Choke who got an anal bead stuck up his ass and couldn't poop.
I had a bad case of the Mancinis last week but I'm fine right now.
by Tyscyth November 14, 2010
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Someone who is the prettiest, coolest person in the world. Even in math class with her best friend they somehow survived together and are now moving on for more memories to come.
Woh look at Katie Mancini she is so smart
by Hey Roy April 5, 2019
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