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M: Hertz's little brother is talking to a 27 yr old!
T: He's such a Man-ho
by Cruel Kindness December 02, 2018
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Hey ya'llz, swing by the Man-ho tonight, we'll all slam some Natty Ice...

Hey.. i just slipped my cousin a roofie at the Man-Ho, Yo!
by alpha J's December 09, 2009
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Girl #1: That guy down at the bar just looked at U girlfriend!

Girl #2: That's because he's a manho! He'll look at U next!
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
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(1) Most commonly used to mean a man who lays women like bricks.
(2) Justin Timberlake.
(3) What a jealous, jaded gay man wails indignantly at his partner when he discovers he's been getting some backdoor lovin' on the side.
syn: bitch
(1) "That man ho actually thinks that crusty patch of skin on his dick is POISON IVY."
(2) "OH MY GOD! MAN HO IS PLAYING THE ASTRODOME TONIGHT!!!! OH MY GOD!!! *hyperventilates.* *has aneurysm.* *dies.*"
(3) "You tapped that douche bag bitch's ass! YOU MAN HO!!!!"
by 4l3x April 17, 2004
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a dirty, good-fo'-nothin', cheap-ass, cheatin' bastard who has nothing better to do than lie when he can't get any. enjoys dippin' his stick in skanksta's whenever and wherever.
a liar is never believed, even when he is telling the truth. You know who you are.
by jordyn lee November 13, 2003
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Skanky man. Doesn't use condoms, carries HPV. Prefers hookups to relationships.
Also known as a ladies' man, mack, player.
Pleshawna: I found my man in bed with another woman!

Tenequa: Girl I done told you that fool was a man ho!
by Phylipswiller March 07, 2007
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