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Any period of time spent in the company of fellow men which involves manly activities. It is only man time if two requirements are fulfilled: 1. You are with other men (no sissys or douchebags) 2. You are doing things that men do.

Mantime includes but is not limited to: fishing, hunting, cooking steaks, getting drunk and punching girls in the stomach, watching sports, killing a cow with your bare hands and eating it, shopping at canadian tire or any local hardware store, wondering around high on drugs and alcohol, extracting your own bullet from your flesh, making a fire with no supplies. hunting grizzly bears with your hands, shark fishing with nothing but a spear, chopping wood then using it to build a hut, making repairs and improvements to your demolition derby car
1. "Hey Dave what are you doing?". "Nothing." "Man Time in 15 minutes?" "Fucking Eh"

2. "Lets head to Canadian Tire and get the ball rolling on this man time. I need a new knife, gun, and fishing rod"

3. "Hold my angus steak while I show this 10 foot grizzly bear what man time is all about."
by Canadianmahfucka June 21, 2010
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a phrase used when a man needs to separate himself from his girl and hangout with his guys in solitude, away from all the women drama.
Man time is a given for every man of life and can not be dictated by a women by how much time he spends away from her.
Anything that involves no women. Any sports, watching television, playing poker, fantasy sports, fighting, playing video games, debating hot women, drug dealing, gambling, drinking, etc.

Woman, I am bouncing from this joint for some man time among my boys. (Not to be assumed with homosexuality)
by Jason Potvin June 08, 2007
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How men communicate time of arrival using the current game that is on.
Ill see you "after the game" " before the game" "at halftime" "by the end or beginning of a specific quarter or period in a game" - Man Time
by Staxxmoney December 07, 2013
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when a man wants time in the company of only himself or other members of the male species.

Key man time activities are games console playing, beer drinking, eyebrow plucking, chest waxing, porn watching, todger inspection, mirror posing, sport watching, pube counting, pile poking and many more.

Man time can also be used as a cover story for general sleazebag behaviour and cheating.
Here's my credit card, why don't you go and buy yourself something nice whilst I get a bit of man time in.

Hey won't your girlfriend wonder where you are? no, she thinks I'm having man time, she won't suspect a thing!
by Princess Gingerminge October 17, 2007
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Can also be "Woman-Time"

First coined by S-Dot in reference to P-Dot.
Yo, Dot, are you having mantime?

Today, I dribbled a little bit because I've been having too much mantime.

My girlfriend hates when I have mantime.
by Mass Debator February 23, 2009
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