The act of jacking off or ejaculation.

Referring to your penis as the "bald man"
Friend- "Hey bro you want to go to the movies tonight?"

You- " Yeah! Lets see Harry Potter so i can Make the bald man cry!!
by ganjaaaaa July 17, 2009
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Something awful and disdainful, horrific and sad. What makes puppies die and devil salute. When a real man cries it is only because something truly horrible has happened, like a death in a family, betrayal, death of a close friend, awful fight with the woman he loves (if she hurt him) and death of millions. Contrary to popular belief real man does cry, sometimes even in public (as he is not afraid to show that he cares).
When Roger saw the village burn to the ground, little tear slid down his cheek. That sight makes even a real man cry.
by Paetar October 06, 2010
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a phrase the describes something very emotional, something that is enough to make a grown man cry.
“it’s enough to make a grown man cry.. but not THIS man! get back in there tear
by Cramlord November 21, 2019
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1. Immediately following sex the male rolls to the side of the female, curls up into the fetal position, and begins to start "crying" making the female extremly uncomfortable and questioning his manhood and if she ever wants to see the male again.

2. During sex the male begins to "cry" resulting in the female questioning his manhood, why she is sleeping with him, and if she will ever want to see him again.
Jim: Did Sean get rid of that annoying bitch he hooked up with last week.

Dave: No, not yet but tonight he is going to do the Crying Man. She probably wont want to see him or talk to him ever after that.

Sally: What happend with Mike? I thought you had a thing for him
Jane: I did, but then he started crying after we had sex. It made me so uncomfortable that I cant even look at him now.
by Scottie Wilks September 27, 2006
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