"Mamma mia" is an Italian expression, who denoting various kinds of emotions: surprise, fear, rejection, joy.
What happened, here? Mamma mia, what a disaster!
by mangiaspaghetti January 20, 2009
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An expression Italians use, literally meaning "My Mother"
The ABBA song
The musical based on the ABBA songs
The movie based on the musical
Italian: Mamma Mia! That's a spicy meatball!
Mamma Mia! Here I go again
by fandango2girl July 2, 2009
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A name of some movie and an expression stated by Italians when their blood pressure goes over 9000
Nappa: Vegeta, check you pressure gauge!

Vegeta: blast it, it’s over 9000!

Some Italian boi: ‘mamma mia!’
by Autocorrect is ducking bad April 13, 2020
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a catchphrase used by the fictional italian american nintendo charecter mario. mamma mia is said generaly after mario losses a life in mario 64. it may also be noted luigi, wario and princess peach apear to have also started saying it
mario falls off a cliff gets thrown out of the picture shakes his head "mamma mia"
by pifras August 23, 2006
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Having sexual encounters with different men in the span of 2 weeks and getting pregnant by one of them, not knowing which Is the baby daddy
Olivia I just pulled a Mamma Mia and I don’t know what to do now.”
by Kimberly_isla June 12, 2022
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