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In Puerto Rico when you are using the term literally:

mama = suck
Bicho = dick

When you are using the word in the middle of a discussion, or when referring to another person as a mamabicho not in a literal way, the word is used as an insult towards someone that is corrupted, selfish, liar, politician, thief.
by Vantillana April 24, 2019
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Mamar= suck


Literally "cocksucker"

A "mamabicho" is a Puerto Rican insult that can be used to describe a guy who acts femininely or outright gay. It is also used to describe call-boys/ male-prostitutes.
Ese tipo "Harry Potter" se ve como un mamabicho.

That guy "Harry Potter" looks like a cocksucker.
by who is john galt? July 22, 2009
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Refers to a person who thinks high on himself. Someone who think he is like a pimp,when actually he is nothing.
(Mamar Bicho also refers to oral sex)
by Javier. April 26, 2003
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mamar = suck
bicho= insect / bictch
that faggot is a mamabicho
that Ho is a mamabicho
by Klakdaddy October 08, 2004
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