-Whilst sipping beer-
Mmm, I'd say this is a bit malty wouldst thou not agree?
by Hadjisan September 6, 2006
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When your meme intake is too high on a certain day and as the memes keep rolling in you become salty, this ratio of meme and salt makes you Malty.
After a long day of gaming and a constant barrage of memes, Jak had become very Malty.
by LewisThe420BlazeItDatBoi February 18, 2017
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Good aka: sick, dope, cool
This food is so malty!
by Bob Payton April 9, 2021
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When a person becomes so aroused, they literally foam either vaginal or pre-seminal fluid from their sexual organs.
Did you see that girl dancing with me last night? She was so malty my trousers are still wet!

That guy is so malty I can't tell which stains on his jeans are part of the design!
by mcmalty February 10, 2012
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1. (adj)Softened, made soft; has become soft
2. (adj)Having a soft, even personality
3. (adj)Having a non-leader/supporter characteristic
1. (a) This stick of butter has become malty. (b) The water turned the rice malty.
2. (a) "Your friend is very malty" (b) "Well, I'm a malty kind of guy."
3. (a) Batman is the hero, Robin is the malty one. (b) "Being malty doesn't make one weak, it makes other people strong."
by thespoonmaster September 28, 2011
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Malti is that girl who looks as innocent as a baby but has got the wildest fantasies one can't even dream of.
Don't fall for her innocent looks buddy, she's a typical Malti.
by infestus March 2, 2020
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The Eastside's lingo: going crazy, mad, retarded, all out.
Damn, that girl be getting maltie up in here tonight
by Steve D'Amico January 5, 2005
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