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A chronic debilitating condition caused by the abhorrent sight of the Pelvis Wave. Symptoms include seizures, clenched fists and out right disapproval. Once diagnosed the affliction is permanent. When one is not exposed to the Pelvis Wave for prolonged periods of time, intense cravings for the manuever are developed.
Stop it, George! Your interpretation of the Pelvis Wave will give me Malloritis!
by CyborgTm June 08, 2007
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A compulsive, addictive and sometimes fatal addiction to the species Mallory. Often accompanied by loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and an erection lasting longer than 6 hours.
Johnny: Shit, I haven't slept in days.

Sam: Dude, what happened?
Johnny: Man I caught Malloritis!
by shitzam February 03, 2010
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This chronic, untreatable, incurable "condition" (we resent the term "disease") is accompanied by symptoms which may include:

a) incessant squealing, noisemaking and overall spazziness, contrasting with an abnormally advanced vocabulary

b) the enlargening of the forehead

c) the inexplicable, carnal attraction to delicious, floppy, silken emo hair

d) and utter revulsion expressed towards the Pelvis Wave, which may well trigger this sad, sad condition.

(unreasonable restrictions thinly disguised as a)FUN FACT:
Coined by the creator of the Pelvis Wave. May only be used as a nickname for a certain person by the creator of the Pelvis Wave. So it is written, so it shall be done.
DAMMIT! George did the Pelvis Wave all up in my grill! Now I'm gonna get Malloritis...for LIFE!

The Pelvis Wave is fickle, it goes away...but MALLORITIS is here to stay!
by Ano-MALLY April 23, 2007
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