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a person who is extremely kind, considerate, caring, loving, and overall just freaking attractive. Not only will they love you unconditionally but they will also bring extreme joy to your life. They will also be an amazing friend to anyone that they meet. They are amazing significant others. If you are lucky enough to have a Malin for your girlfriend, don't let her go. They are also great bakers. They will make you a million cupcakes just because they want to make you feel special.
Scott: Blake your so lucky to have a girl like Malin!

Blake: I know! She's so amazing. She deserves someone so much better than me.

Scott: Don't say that! If you give her love, she will love you in return 100x over.
by MrBaltson March 25, 2013
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Person who is smart, clever, foxy, wicked, super cool, really hot or just amazingly attractive.
Oh man, she's such a malin!
by Malin August 20, 2003
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The incarnation of awesome
See: Legendary

The most sincere and awesome person end of story. She is witty, savage af and cool yet still super humble. Most commonly described as a total badass whom never fail to make you laugh and feel good about yourself. Talking to her make you feel like wow am I dreaming or did I just meet a walking godess?
omg Malin I love you can I like braid your hair or something?
by apparentlyawesome September 06, 2016
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A very intelligent being who is in love with those who go by the name of D-Kill.
She is such a Malin.
by DDKK April 01, 2006
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Malins an awsome guy with a huge dick. has soft lips for the ladies and can have sex like a stallion. everyone wants to be a malins but there are few of us.
damn I wish i was a malins... that guy is the shit.
by naerok07 September 23, 2011
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