Beautiful, has an angel voice, it seems to her like all the boys want her but deep down inside they do, she never gets into fights with boys, friends with everyone, your not a maliah if you cant sing! long hair dont care, destined for fame and fortune, long legs
Damn Maliah looking hot today!

Shit Maliah is hot as shit right now

Booty had me like booty
by ajfheihkafhkasssa March 06, 2014
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A very fun and outgoing person who will always be there for you know matter what she is a great friend and an even better girlfriend once you get a maliah never let her go she is very kind and one of a kind person
Damn look at maliah
by Unknown_user3 January 17, 2017
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1) whore or slut

2) a common used insult in East Africa which is used to degrade the common public

Jacklyn is a dirty maliah

Max said that all street kids are maliahs
by Maxwell Lemelin June 03, 2006
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