Grace, beauty, flawless, kindhearted. Will always be by your side, knows how to take care of people. Most likely to be prom queen. Biggest smile. A gorgeous body, and has gorgeously long legs. Able to wear anything and look good in it. Eats alit but cannot gain. Has an addiction to brand name clothing and accessories. Loves lotion, and face products. Has a love for men who are tall, kind, funny, smart, has abbs, nice calves, athletic, and caring. Will accept anyone. Will not exclude people of any age differences. Overall a beautiful young lady with a heart of Gold.
I wish i could be a Jacklyn.
by Zodiacs and names March 14, 2017
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Jacklyn is a very gorgeous girl. Jacklyn is very funny and everyone loves her. She can always brighten someones day whenever their upset. All her teammates think she is the funnest girl on the team. She is crazy, SHe has a srad time with standing still and shutting up. She always has a story or a joke to tell someone. She is very Awesome. Jacklyn thinks Ninjas and Dinosuars are cool. Jacklyn is one of the awesomests persons who ever walked the planet!
Jacklyn always finds a way to make things fun.
by anonymous45286296359652 August 11, 2011
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a drop dead gorgeous girl when a Jacklyn walks into a room everyones heads turn to view her. Usually known to be very crazy but is always willing to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. Jacklyn is very athletic and is known to have many friends. She will do anything for anyone and can make any guy fall for her. She has a great body very beautiful features just is getting into trouble
That Jacklyn is one smoking girl
by Ulkim Nosh May 4, 2010
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Jacklyn is a Goddess made for a Mike. Does't care what anyone thinks, not afraid to knock 👊a bitch out. Caring an willing to go above an beyond in a relationship. She is absolutely amazing. Someone who is smart, attractive, An perfect. She's crazy at times as well. A Jacklyn Has that wet wet 💦. She has nice boobs an a fat ass. She's simply irresistible. Once you have a Jacklyn don't ever let her go. She's the most loyal one you will ever meet. Someone who blows your mind in bed. Jacklyn is beyond beautiful. Extremely sexy. BEST KISSER. 😙
I wish I was a Jacklyn!
I am addicted to Jacklyn.
by #yourstruly311 December 21, 2016
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a very sexy slut with amazing body and great features big boobs and nice ass extremely funny and is liked by everyone but usually falls for the bad boys Jacklyn is usually popular and gets ass
Jacklyn - sexy attractive
by Miclennon Yonkers May 4, 2010
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Jacklyn is an amazing and beautiful woman and and although she heavily Denys it many agree that she is downright gorgeous, a Jacklyn has an incredible personality and will always be there for the people she cares about, she is a dedicated lover and will stick to your side no matter what, Jacklyns are incredibly loyal to the person they love and will do nearly anything for them. Jacklyn is crazy Adorable and trustworthy, she's very cheeky but still manages to be an absolute sweetheart. She's amazing in bed and will love her partner with everything she has.
Reece: Dude Jacklyn is so cool
Jack: I know I'm so lucky
by Miu Akemi November 3, 2019
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