Slang for semen. Sometimes sold as merchandise (mugs, t-shirts, etc) and purchased by women to low key indicate they perform oral sex.
Nick: What did you get Jennifer for her birthday?
Joe: I bought her a male tears mug. She earned it after the blowjob she gave me last week.

Jack: I'm going to ask Jill if she'll be in our bukkake.
Kurt: Jill is into that sort of thing?
Jack: Yeah, haven't you seen her "I bathe in male tears" shirt?

Jonas: Swallow or spit?
Christine: Male tears are delicious!
Jonas: Sweet!
by MxR August 19, 2014
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Another synonym for semen or nut, the male reproductive fluid usually excreted during sex.
by Johnny Boy 117 May 30, 2018
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