Being able to show your butt hole on a video chat site to pay your rent.
Female privilege is so prevalent in my country; my girlfriend and I both lost our jobs at the factory, but she's making 6 figures showing her butt hole on the internet to my drinking buddies.
by Disregarded Junk eMail April 24, 2021
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Females have privileges males don't, like not being expected to react with violence when something that isn't right is done to a female, or in a lot of other circumstances where males are expected to handle something like men and not like mice. There is a double standard working in a female's favor for every double standard that works in a male's favor, and really you could do the same thing with black and white if you really wanted to, though most of the focus tends to be on white males most ofthe time. Big daddy white protector.
Female prvilege is something you hardly hear about, and one people don't really talk about, but the piece that can make more moves than any other piece on a chessboard isn't the king or the knight. If male privilege and white privilege are fact and not misinformation, then so is female privilege and black privilege.
by Solid Mantis April 29, 2021
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The phenomenon of benefiting from a system where white women experience certain advantages and protections at the expense of others.
White female privilege means that the murderer of Jane has a higher chance of being placed on death row and executed.
by AJ Lee JR July 18, 2018
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White female privilege means white women who are privileged for their race and sex. Unfortunately White women deny their female privilege and throw it on the straight white male. Even though males are more likely to be homeless.... More likely to be uneducated..... Less likely to have jobs......Law going harsh on men yet Feminists a.k.a White women have a hard admitting their privilege. The bottom line is White males are more oppressed by the system than White females but stupid feminists acknowledge this bur don't wanna admit it
White female privilege- White women who are privileged for their race and sex
by Mr. Curry03478 September 11, 2018
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The current state of feminism. White women get away with things others do not. These include:
Falsely accuse minority men of rape because they ignore her advances or because the mood hit her.
Calling women of other races sluts out of jealousy, when they are sluts themselves.

Protection from criticism by manginas of both feminist and conservative leaning.

The right to label any legitimate critic of her delusional beliefs as a misogynist.
Dressing up in racist sorority costumes and receiving no punishment.
Raping , abusing and killing children/teenagers than get a free pass after saying a man made her do it or she say is also a victim of abuse.*coughhorseshitcough*
Scams people out of their money on Kickstarter she has can blame "men playing too much video games" for societies problems.

Obstruct justice, run a corrupt district attorney's office put an innocent man in jail and receive a slap on the wrists from your state BAR panel.
Pretend to be atheist to co-opt the movement in revenge for an over privileged twat who was hit on in an elevator and told rightfully she is an idiot.
Having a cunt gives her the ability to talk down to the president of the United States if he is a member of a minority race or being a man in general.
Naturally they blame "patriarchy and men" for all these things instead of themselves.
Be an undocumented immanent slut who marries a orange trust fund baby and become the first lady of United States of American
“I am using racist slurs against a population I have privilege over.

I am performing racist tropes and stereotypes of Walking Women. I am adding to the plethora of hypersexualized, romanticized depictions of Walking Women, which adds to the bigotry and sexual assaults they face. I am contributing to anti-Ziganism. I am using my privilege to further harm a population I have power over. I am the face of white female privilege.”

“I am a female racist. I am stealing sacred objects from peoples whose genocide I benefit from. I am taking holy pieces of cultures I know nothing about and turning them into a racist fashion statement. I am furthering the fetishization of native women. I am adding to a media saturated with racist images of native women and contributing to the bigotry and discrimination they feel today. I am a racist, and am using power to hurt real people. I am the face of white female privilege.”

Tumbler, white female privilege tag.
by OolonColluphid December 8, 2018
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