A Malarie is someone who everyone wants to be friends with and is very kind. You can tell her anything, and she won’t criticize you. If you are feeling down, a Malarie knows how to make anyone laugh in an instant. She is also very intelligent but doesn’t brag about it at all and is somewhat secretive.
Person 1: why are you so happy all of a sudden?
Person 2: I talked to Malarie.
by Confetti_fun November 16, 2018
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(Ma-lar-i|ous) Derived from the words "malaria" and "hilarious" < Something Grim yet hilariously funny; pertaining to a bizzaro, madcap humor (Looney Tunes) but also something Grim or Evil (Grim & Evil). Mostly used in a positive fashion.
Invader Zim was unfortunately cancelled, despite the fact that it was outrageously malarious.
by Matthew Ebisu April 28, 2007
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A comical, often hilarious situation which involves malaria, or symptoms similar to malaria.
Bill:Dude did you hear the bad news?
Dave:What Happened?
Bill:John got malaria.
Dave:That's Malarious!
by sputnikk March 18, 2007
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Something that you are laughing at that you shouldn't.
Joe fell over and broke his leg, it was malarious
by MegaScriber March 09, 2012
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Malarie is a mostly funny person with an all round personality. She cracks a lot of good jokes but sometimes she is just a tad bit cringy. Also in case you ever meet a Malarie know that she will typically like Iced Honey Buns and Lean
I heard about this girl named Malarie. Word around is she is always having lit partys.
Being A Malarie is awesome.
by the Iced Honey Bun September 22, 2017
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