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A smelly pervert who thinks guns are cool and sexy , he goes for girls that are out of his league, peasant who has his own wolf pack to attack his competitors, and if that fails he hacks their home cameras. Future hitman.
Damn makram needs to be knocked down a few pegs

Makram might be a bigger peasant than raad
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by you are a peasant April 15, 2019
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Makram, an Iraqi who works in Sainsburys and is often seen throwing grapes at children as they pass
Child - "that horrible hairy Sainburys employee makram just threw a grape at me!!"
Mother - "yes dear he truely is a fuck"
by Chris Mysterious June 06, 2007
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1. Someone at work who irritates you by talking loud on the phone, eating corn nuts at their desk, and clipping their nails while you are trying to talk to a client.
Person 1: "Who is clipping their nails and eating corn nuts while I'm trying to work"

Person 2: "that's just some makram, dont worry I hear they are going to fire him soon"
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The hottest man on the planet. With the biggest and nicest dick that will never come all you want to do is suck that shit all night and ride him like a horse
look at the sexy ass makram i would fuck him any day
by simmba May 09, 2018
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