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A true beauty who gives her heart to God, gives great advice, and is always there to help people. Has many problems of her own and often thinks of herself as "worthless" when really she is God's greatest creation. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and has an amazing body but doesn't see it. Usually very tan and attractive. Gorgeous person, inside and out. A jaw-dropping writer. A hero. A girl who will go far in life. A life saver.
Jessica: Hey, where's Makena?
Whitney: Talking someone through suicide. She's such a great person.
by loveroflifee September 17, 2011
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A Genourus smart and witty an wild imagintative girl mostly attractive. Athletic and great at almost everything. Dont pick on this girl you will regrute it. She is outgoing practical and creative an odd-ball but one day will be popular.

Here are the things you need to look out for. Once you punched her she will get you back. A brillant mind to outsmart you and really fast when you chace her. Do not make her sad or she wont use violence she can get you explexed good luck. VERY IMPORTENT DONT EVER BOTH HER IF SHE IS YOUR ENIEMY THE REASON IS YOUR BEING A JERK SO DO NOT BE MEAN ASK TO BE HER FRIEND IF SHE DECLINS OH WELL.
by watchandlearn9986 September 16, 2011
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A MaKena is usually the loudest, blondest, hottest girl in the room. She can be very smart at times and she gives great advice. MaKena is also asked out by many guys. Many people talk about MaKena, good or bad. She is very athletic, and has many best friends. She is very gullible, and believes everything she hears. She is also very, extremely loveable!
Guy 1: Damn, that girl is sexy!
Guy 2: She must be a MaKena
by Beastlyperson1234 August 18, 2011
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An Amazing girl who can scare anyone off with her extreme...... odd-ness. She has the LAMEST of jokes, and is a crazy dancer. A makena may be able to sing, but usually sounds like a dying bird. Yes, is usually armed with either a chainsaw or a packet of ketchup. Dont you wish you could be a Makena? Yeah, you do.
"Did that Makena just threaten to EAT me?"
"Yeah. She did."
Makena: "Om Nom Nom"
by Primrue<3 February 05, 2010
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A term to describe anyone who is indeed, a badass. A Makena usually will not think twice about hurting you to get what they want. If you piss off a Makena, run. They are usually armed with a chain saw.
Person 1: "Holy shit! Its a Makena!"
Person 2: "Fuck. That Makena will tear us to shreds."
by Xioan May 15, 2009
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A crazy asian. Demented? Yes. Fun? Even more so. This asian has a big ego and can back it up. She will destroy you and the sad part is you'd enjoy the attention you're getting from her.
Sticks and stones may break Makena's bones...Oh wait, they can't.
by Roin June 01, 2009
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most amazing person in the whole intire world.... and a person who also loves a man named Andrew hunter
makena is amazing, beautiful, smart, great,
by andrew jeffrey hunter February 03, 2009
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