To make out with someone while jacking them off or them jacking you off.
I was making off Bart last week, it was so hot! It's really fun to Make off.
by stankybomb32 May 12, 2021
To make a successful getaway with stolen property.
Winona Ryder would have been able to make off with $10 worth of CVS merchandise if it wasn't for that damn security alarm.

Bernie Madoff really "made off" (pun intended) with his investors' money.
by Nicholas D March 15, 2009
1. When a crazy old person(a grandparent, mostly grandfathers) says this they take their belts off and threaten to hit you with it. Because you did something wrong or are being a pain in the ass.

2. The cartoon Boondocks on as there is a Grand father character ti the two kids Riley and Huey. He always threatens them and others(like the pimp in one show) with this line. He then continues to whoopthem like Indiana Jones
Child: Hey grandpa...*asks a million questions*
Grandpa: Shush yo mouth!
Child: *Keeps asking questions*
Grandpa: Don't make me take off my belt!
Child: *Shuts up instantly*
Grandpa: rub my feet or I'll whoop yo ass!
by mister boondock February 15, 2006
April 17th is the designated day for sticking Cheetos up your butt, posting it on your only fans, and making hella money off it.
Guy 1: Yo today's April 17th, you know what that means..

Guy 2: Oh shit it's Make Money Off Sticking Cheetos Up Your Butt Day already??? Sick.