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"Look at Maisara , she is so kind!"
by nrmsra December 27, 2016
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A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. She always crying but she strong. She always finding for the best one
by meant girll December 30, 2017
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She's a timid girl.. but once you know her she's actually quite loud!! She has long , blonde straight hair with bangs👧 and very tall.. Many people might judge her and called her stuck up.. if you call her that, it means you are not close enough with her.. but once you are close with her , she is actually really kind and sweet!
Girl 1: look at that girl.. she is looks very arrogant!
Girl 2: No! She's not any ordinary girl.. Maisara is a kind and sweet girl!
by Rainbow&Unicorn!! March 20, 2018
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A hairy beast that ugly and really weird looking.Can be found in the amazon.
Eww i just saw a maisara
by Pewdieye December 21, 2016
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