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Like Gay Chicken, but at the work place. Two co-workers/buddies try to psych each other out by massaging, groping, dirty talking and the like while at work. The two try to push the envelope and whoever stops first is the loser. Often leads to sexual harassment (SHARP) complaints from other staff that they are making them uncomfortable, or hours of fun and laughter (depending on how cool your staff is).
Lenny: Alright Steve, at Monday morning's staff meeting you're going down.
Steve: Bullcrap. I haven't lost a game of SHARP Chicken yet
by Lorethe2nd November 22, 2015
When you go to a house and ring the doorbell of a friend. Before your friend answers the door, you take off your pants and underwear to expose your genitals and then do a headstand or handstand (legs apart) so that your exposed genitals are as close to the victim's eye level as possible. Finally when your friend answers the door you must ask "Did you order a package?"
Lenny: "Hey, did you order a package?".

Steve: "Ah Jesus Christ, I didn't see that mailman coming. I need to call my therapist".
by Lorethe2nd September 16, 2015
When you have sex with a chick on her period, and she cleans up the blood on your dick with her mouth.
Me: "Hey baby, let me go get a towel to wipe this blood off of my junk."

Girl I just pounded while on her period: "Don't bother, babe. I got it." Glug Glug Glug

Me: "Oh damn I wasn't expecting to get a Draculina, I got to call up my friend and tell him."
by Lorethe2nd March 7, 2014
When you have sex with a MILF and her daughter simultaneously. Proof is generally required to confirm accomplishment of the act. Those who complete the task are encouraged to call their best friend, next of kin and/or parents. Automatically bestows legendary status by default.
Steve: "Hey Lenny I got your text last night at three in the morning, did you really get you some chicken and eggs?".

Lenny: "Hell yeah I did. I got the pictures right here to prove it".
by Lorethe2nd September 16, 2015