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GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Frisian, German
PRONOUNCED: MIE-kə (German) Other: My-K
Meaning & History
Frisian diminutive of MARIA

MAIKE is a very rare female first name. Be proud of your unique first name!

Maike, humble, incredibly hot, beautiful, loving, understanding, forgiving, caring, affectionate, live life to the fullest. Generous and honest, always mean what they say and keep promises. Love nature and always see the positive in people, Maike can be the most amazing friend a person can have.

Be aware though, these amazing human creatures have a very high sex drive, quite the adventurous, never afraid to experiment ALL life has to offer, often stubborn, they know what they want and won’t rest until they get it!

If you come across a Maike, hold on to her, she is a keeper !!!
Maike's rack
Maike will always be there for me.
Maike rocks my world
Maike understands
Maike, you sexy thing!
by anonymous-dreamer November 22, 2011
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An awesome and incrdibly pretty and smart girl who is ready to try out everything that there is on this planet,loves to have tons of fun and lives life to its fullest.
awesome sexy smart fun life Maike
by moxy-crimefighter March 15, 2009
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