Not like the song, but the tree, Magnolia is a beautiful girl and one of the most kind hearted there is. She is constantly thinking about others and won’t turn down helping someone out.
That is something magnolia would do
by name hacks 101 August 18, 2019
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The C.J. Peete Housing development in uptown New Orleans. Home to 2100 people. It is one of the most notoriously dangerous housing districts in the United States and ranks even globally. This section of New Orleans has a local crime rate higher than many full municipalities in the US and has a significant influence in New Orleans' extremely high murder rate.

The Magnolia was once home to:Juvenile,Soulja Slim,Baby,Turk,6-shot,Mr Marcello

Mystikal was NOT from the Magnolia, or even the 3rd ward of New Orleans for that matter.
by hassell August 16, 2007
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A girl who lives live on the edge. Lives care free and peacefully,Loves unconditionally, and is very loyal to anyone in her life.
That girl Tori lives care free. She is a Magnolia.
by average drug user June 18, 2019
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The baddest project in New Orleans. Home of Mystikal.
Them boyz got their wigs split talkin shit in the nolia (Magnolia).
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A neighborhood in Seattle, minutes from downtown. Many great aspects to it including the Village, nice houses, a boulevard, a sweet view of the Sound.
(Reps the 206)
Yeah, I live in Magnolia.
Damn, I miss Magnolia.
Greatest place on Earth? Magnolia.
by revoohdivad January 19, 2009
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A suburb of Houston right outside The Woodlands where the parents didn't want their kids going to The Woodlands High School and they thought moving out to Magnolia on their one and two acre lots building theirs homes out their they were protecting their children from the drugs, alcohol, and sex in The Woodlands.

The people of Magnolia either don't have enough money to live in The Woodlands or don't want to. The main high school Magnolia High School is full of a bunch of wannabees everyone smokes pot and parties and comes to school hungover. The school itself tries to portray itself as good with the principal stating it's a great day to be alive and being told we're striving "to be the best district in the state of Texas" yet they do whatever they want they don't care one kid can get in a fight and not get a ticket the next one will they have bull attendance policies.
Magnolia - "friendliness of a small town" with access to big city
by the one that lives here June 24, 2010
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The best bakery in the world. Located in New York City. Featured in SNL's skit "Lazy Sunday."
Let's hit up Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes.
by h3nrym0rgan June 13, 2006
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