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During sex, one of the partners will start to mimic the flopping motion of Magicarp's splash attack erratically, arms tucked into your sides, and legs close together, whilst repeating the word Magicarp as you flail, as a pokemon would. Best used whilst in a prone sexual position, whilst on top of your partner.
Nigella:'Tom pulled a Magicarp on me last night!'
Mary:'Whats that?'
Nigella:'He started to flop up and down on top of me, whilst shouting magicarp!'
by nerd-do-well January 06, 2011
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1. Shrek's right hand.
2. The strongest Pokémon
3. Floppy motions
4. Floppy winds
5. TaLkInG lIkE gAmZeE
1. I hear Magicarp will punish him.
2. That man had three Magicarps, no way I can beat him!
3. Why is he Magicarping all over the floor?
4.This bluster is really Magicarp.
5. SwIg M8
by K4w4iiH4w4ii December 01, 2014
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