Some depressed bitch, who never sleeps and drinks coca cola most of the day. Most likely to like a gwavas
Magics are rather watching porn or being depressed when you say hi to them
Person 1 "hey magic"
Magic "go away im watching just add magic"
by Childeater4206969 June 22, 2020
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to be incredibly awesome
I'm friggin magic.
Your so not magic.
by bob September 20, 2004
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The act of long loving tongue kisses
Boy: Baby, I could really do with some love right now
Girl: Do you want some magic?
Boy: Yes Please =D

*Snog passionately*
by Curlygirly December 18, 2007
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something that nobody cares about very often

other definitions:

1.beautiful....for a little kid

2.not real

3.thing that is edited to make it look cool in a video
P1:that ride was magic
P2:magic is not real
P1:*sad music plays*
P2:also your drunk
P1:so that explains how we rode a unicorn...
by Yandere Kitten October 16, 2017
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what people think does not exist but does. *dreamy look*
Magic exists
by kitkatmagic February 23, 2018
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a girls ass. also called the magic show
damn, look at that girl's magic show
that girl's got a lot of magic
by salwarrior June 23, 2010
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