Can be named for someone who is extremely gorgeous that you cant even decribe it, thus the word magic.
Could it be? Could she be magic?
by wannadie August 27, 2009
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The ability to influence, control, or otherwise change things no person could ever possibly effect by natural means.
To turn wood into gold, that is magic.
To make water flow backwards, that is magic.
To see one’s own future, that is magic.
by garcalej November 30, 2020
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To amaze and astound things and people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Holy shit bro! That's magic!!!!
by Lonelylochie1 August 23, 2017
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1) (Noun) Something that makes the impossible possible.

2) (Noun) A word to explain something simple that you can use to make yourself sound cooler than you actually are.
1) If only I had magic, I could teleport and have super strength if I did!

2)Dude 1: Bro, how'd you do that?!

Dude 2: Magic.
by Reku_Explains8 March 4, 2018
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He knows because he himself is magic
by Mysterious-Bob October 3, 2021
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Magic is a set of instructions telling energy on how it must behave and what it must do without violating the laws of the physical universe.
*I can't think of any example on how to use Magic in a sentence, I'm so sorry*
by Mijin_ang July 9, 2019
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The mysterious force drawn from within that can be coalesced into many forms such as: abjuration, conjuration, evocation, divination, illusion, and necromancy. Can be used to enchant weopons, destroy monsters, commit mass genocide, slay power rangers, make amulets, animate the dead, imbue yourself with holy power, turn people to stone, light things on fire, teleport, manipulate time, artificially inseminate cows, rid the world of its pesky magnetic field, and cause the sun to supernova.
ANYTHING in the irrational universe that WE occupy that CANNOT be explained by SCIENCE can be explained by MAGIC.
by Lord T-O'Power March 20, 2007
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