Most commonly used as a synonym for perfect.

The most handsome man to ever live. His style is flawless and he always has the best taste. He is a true gentleman and role model to everyone. Magdy is a genius, excelling in every subject in school. Funny, popular, and romantic are also words to describe Magdy. All girls want him, all guys want to be him. Consider yourself lucky to know Magdy!
*Magdy walks by a crowd*
Girl: Wow! Who is that sexy man over there?
Boy: That's Magdy.
Girl: He's perfect...
Boy: Damn. I wish I was like Magdy.
by InnocentBrilliance March 09, 2009
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A nice guy who happens to be a cuck.
Synonyms: Mugu, Meggi, Magdud, Megdi, etc.
Hey you're I like you but you are sort of a Magdi
by lil pur January 30, 2018
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A boy with a small penis. Usually brown and most of the time is tall but is very dumb, and it translates in egyptian to ebn metnaka khawal
Omg shes such an ahmed magdy
Yeah i dont like an ahmed magdy
by CherryOMyasso April 04, 2020
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magdi is the definition of a best friend. everyone wants to hang out with a magdi. She is crazy, hilarious but also sociable. People are jealous of those who have a magdi as best friend.
Magdi is so much fun hanging out with. I love her!
by xtonia1 January 31, 2017
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Magdielis is the most beautiful girl in the world and when you find one you know you could never hurt her and she will love you too for the rest of her life she is shy when you first meet her and you can't stop staring over her

She always is loyal to her boyfriend but can sometimes love another guy but when you meet her and know her you can't ever let her go

Guy1: omg she is beatiful
Guy 2:bruh that's actually the best girl Ive seen in the world

Magdielis is also a name that is mainly used in Panama
That girls is the most sexy girl I've ever seen
She must be a Magdielis
by Panama lover December 14, 2019
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A man that destroys villages enslaves their kids , does everything to gain more power and is destined to rein over the inferior men whom he faces also is in a great shape
Guy 1 : who is that over there?
Guy 2 : oh no its him , RUN FOR YOUR LIFE , Magdy is here !!!
by Accurate/AF August 18, 2021
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