a very funny, strong, beautiful, smart, && sweet girl. can have bad anxiety at times, but can get through it. usually has long dirty blonde hair && hazel eyes. can be very sarcastic but knows when to be real. loves to hangout with her friends but likes her alone time. not boy crazy but if the right one comes around she'll snatch him up.
wow, she must be a madison, she's really smart.
by Sydney Fuckyou June 24, 2013
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Also called Maddi. She isn't afraid to state her opinion about certain things. When your around her you'll have the best of time and never be bored. She is very pretty and loves shooting up some zombies. You can trust her with everything and she"ll always pull through for you. She is an amazing friend and I'm very blessed to have met her.
Madison who?
Oh you know
by beautifulcupcakeangelfacefairy January 04, 2012
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Madison is a perfect girl that will always care for you, she is funny and always laughing. she doesnt think that she is that pretty, but she rlly is perfect and beautiful. if you are dating a Madison give her presents on valentines day and your anniversary and never let her go. i will always love a Madison because she is the best and most caring person in the world. if someone is trying to steal your Madison, make sure you show your love to her and she will stay true to you and will never cheat on you
an example of a Madison would be a girl that will always make you laugh, she will always love you....just as long as you love her
by asianboy2 February 20, 2011
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The hottest girl you'll ever meet. She's got long brown hair, medium brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, is tall, and slightly muscular. She pays attention in class, and is most likely quiet when shes not with her friends. Madison practically breathes confidence, and people know not to mess with her because shes not afraid to make you regret it, or to put you in your place. Madison is sarcastic, witty, smart, outgoing, beautiful, kind, sometimes shy, funny, and an all around awesome friend and girlfriend. She gives off a tranquil or excited energy, but is easy to anger, though at some times she may keep it to herself. Madison is mature, funny, and sexy. Her slightly raspy voice gets guys to turn her way immediately and watch as she walks by. Madison is the best girlfriend because she always makes you laugh, and is always there for you, even at the times you don't need her; but you'll always want her. Hold her tight though, because if she doesn't feel loved and appreciated, she'll leave you. Her nickname is Madi
Tom: Dude, did you see Madison today? She looks totally hot!
Hunter: Yo, thats my girlfriend!
by HarlowMarieTorres May 01, 2011
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a common female name.
when most people think of madison the think blonde hair blue eyes.

while this is true there are much more characteristics that accompany this name.

Madison is a nice person who knows how to deal with problems, the right way. She is extremely smart. Though she tends to get angry easily, she is an all around good person.

Madison is not a "girly-girl", in fact she is anything but.
She isnt afraid to take charge and lead a situation.

she loves to help her friends and feel appreciated.
Madison will take care of it.
by edwardskitty May 14, 2009
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A girl who is not only completely stunning and beautiful on the outside, but is equally as amazing on the inside. She is intelligent and practically has something to say about every topic. Madisons are always found center of attention. Madisons are loyal friends and would do anything for anyone in need. Madisons are about to put a smile on any face just by simply being there. Madisons love to laugh and make others laugh as well. Madisons can sometimes be bossy, but only because they want what's best. They make perfect girlfriends and fantastic wives. They are usually small, but that is only because their personality is so huge and complex. They are simply brilliant.
"Wow that girl is amazing!"

"Yeah! She must be a Madison!"
by RomeLula June 11, 2012
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A girl that is absolutely AMAZING. When you need her, she's there. When you don't need her, she's still always there for you. The most beautiful girl in the world, & has an amazing personality. Known to do stupid things, and get a little wild sometimes, but overall .. she's great. With her amazing features such as her big * badonkadonk .. & her * Caution : Highly Dangerous * Boobs .. Every guy is always trying to talk to her, or get with her.. Most Madisons are offered many drugs, but only try them once & learn their lesson. They put girlfriends before boyfreidns & that's the way it should alwasy be. If they are ever in a situation when they feel un-safe ; they kick someone's ass. <3 They're strong & caring & beautiful girls who just .. are great. They're the BEST friend to have ; & the one that can never be forgotten.

I love you , Madison .

You're the best .. <3
Dude , she's hawt , she must be a Madison ! <3
Look at that fine booty , badonkadonk , beautiful smile , amazing eyes , amazing personality . She has to be a Madison .
by ZuZuZ0Z01998 July 02, 2011
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