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This word can be offensive or used as a complimentary term, in both cases it is an adjective
Ay bru your car is looking madir today (compliment)
Ay ur madir why u stole my food exa warrapen (insult)
by AMG330 July 02, 2018
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Origin is from South Africa and is used to describe a pleasant or unpleasant experience.
Can be used as Madir or Madhir and in conjunction with Choote.
Pleasant: "That Lambo looks Madir."
Unpleasant: "That Madir food made me sick"
by Dbncharo123 June 12, 2018
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noun, a combination of Madam and Sir. A respectful and non-binary word used to address someone in public without offending them.

Pronounced like "Matter"
Not knowing the gender identity of the person in front of him identifies with, Joshua exclaimed, "Pardon me, Madir, you dropped your wallet."
by nathanplacroix February 05, 2019
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Madir is a term for a people that usually say girl/woman are the worst creation in the world. They hate feminists. They hate woman but still say 'i love you' to their mother.
"I HATE YOU, MADIR" said Mamat.
"FUCK OFF, MADIR! you gross"
by SudokuGurl September 24, 2019
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