Hottest girl around, Beautiful natural brunette and has an amazing playful personality. Madii's make great girlfriends.
"Hey man I met someone"
"Really? whats she like?"
"She's a total Madii"
by tiwonkidnayxesm'i June 5, 2015
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a girl with the longest legs you have ever seen
majorly awesome and hot to trot.
woah, are they just legs walking past that window?
wait no its just a madii.
by bob jane t-marts August 26, 2008
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1. a stinky whore that likes to fuck all your friend's boyfriends

2. a slut witha huge clit

3. a backstabbing skank who likes to start rumors
"dude i met this girl last night, she was HOT."
"ah dude i saw that chick she was such a madii"
"yeah man, she was totally fuckin everyone there!"
by niggerfaggotxD May 15, 2009
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