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Noun- Alternate term for Goddess, usually in reference to "she who controls/created the universe"

2- An incredible gorgeous woman who posess supernatural beauty both inside and out.
Wow, my girlfriend is such a Madelene! I am such a lucky mortal.
by eatemup February 10, 2010
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Generally a girls name, though there are many transvestites who use the name Madelene.
A person with the name Madelene sometimes goes by Maddie.
Those who do are crazy amazing, particularly in bed.

Madelenes enjoy watching the sunset over a lake, picnics and really really hate playing Clarinet (but who doesnt).

They also tend to think that guys with the name Drew are especially awesome.
Hey check her out. Her name's Madelene, but she goes by Maddie.

Wow, she must love having sex next to a lake while the sun sets
by TheBaddestDudeEver December 29, 2010
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