A girl who is usually very outgoing and fun to be with. She acts like she doesn't care what others think but really she just wants people to like her. She's super gorgeous and has really nice teeth. Her friends mean the most to her and he familt drives her crazy but shestill loves them. She is usually bisexual and isn't afraid to make the first move. Maddy is usually a good fighter and isn't afraid of anybody. She has anger problems and is occasionally rude but if you get on her good side she's really nice and sweet. And Maddy is usually likes to party and have a good time.
"Wow, I bet her name is Maddy."

"Did you see Maddy fight that girl? She mollywhopped her!"

Girl 1 -"Maddy is such a bitch!"

Girl 2 -"Not to me, I think she's hella nice."
by whitecuntfrap August 01, 2010
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A girl who is every pretty and can get all the boys in a snap of her finger. Very well known to make others jealous. Brave not super smart popular and cute most boys fall in love with her in a second! Has small boobs and big booty dark blond short and very talented!
John Hey, I think she is a Maddy.
Joe Why?
John: Look at da booty!
Joe: She's so short though.
John: yea but she's cute!
by Yo_mum21 April 08, 2015
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The best in the world. Loved by everyone. Best hugger EVER! Fair skinned, dark hair, and skinny. Anything good you can say about someone applies here. Can make anyone laugh.
That girl is the best in the world! Duh! She is named Maddy!
by RAWRImAdinosaur! January 08, 2010
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The most amazingg girl alive!
she hotter than you,
shes nice when your nice to her.
she loves starburst.
doesnt like it when people named Michael want to kill her friendds.
She is jsut super duper chill and stelller and you should love herrr forever.
"Dude, Maddy is the bestestest !"
by Your name cant be black November 23, 2008
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-another word for "goddess".

-perfect in every way possible.

-usually a blonde, very occasionally any other color of hair.

-a maddy is very hot girl with a nice pussy that gets reall wet and a fat ass thats so round and plump it almost makes my mouth water.

-a maddy is usually kinky. if everyone doesnt already know she's kinky, then she's secretly kinky.

-most maddy's can kick ass, and everyone already knows so: so watch out !!

damn, i would love to fuck a maddy.
by #6345 September 19, 2009
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