Usually a brunette, gorgeous, and a amazingly smart girl. Makes everyone around her laugh. She not the girliest girl in the school but she can dress well. She has a very unique style and loves school. Her best classes are Reading and Science. If your friends with a Maddy go to her for help. She has gone through alot but still knows how to have fun.
Girl: "damn it! I wish I was a Maddy"

Boy:"So, how was the chick"
other boy:"a total Maddy!"
by shakskakdn December 24, 2014
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Maddy is the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet, she looks gorgeous and has the sweetest personality, but try not to get on her bad side. She’s caring and lovely but she doesn’t even know that about herself, always so self conscious. She loves cute nicknames and is so loveable. Her name is actually Madison but she prefers Maddy since Madison sounds too posh.
oh my god, did you see maddy, she’s so perfect but doesn’t even know it
by zintea January 06, 2019
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Maddy is the kindest most funny person ever. She knows how to make you laugh! Plain silence will make her laugh and her laugh is contagious. She is so much fun to be around. She knows how to cheer you up and put you in a good mood! So is super pretty and is so funny. Ily her so much!!!
Omg there is maddy she is so funny! Let’s go talk to her!
by Hitt or miss January 05, 2019
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A girl who is nice, but deep down inside is a pysco killer
by Hornymchornerson November 12, 2015
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Maddy is a beautiful, funny girl, she is the most wonderful person you can meet she is so happy but can be shy but if you can crack your way into her heart (even as a friend) you won't regret it if you meet a Maddy never let go
person 1: Have you met Maddy?

person 2: she seems shy
person 1: she is but after a while she is the opposite and full of energy
person 2: okay I'm going to get to know her more!
by Unknown user 72 September 29, 2019
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One of the best friends you could ever ask for. If you ever find your Maddy, keep her close, because these people are the best of the best. They will always be there for you, whenever you need them. They can be slightly manly when they feel like it, and have been known for their odd fashion sense for years. Maddy's have a very fun personality, and are the type of people that can make anyone laugh, and are friends wih everyone. They are clever and funny, but lack in common sense.
They are laid back and relaxed, but sometimes stress out too much, and need to learn how to calm themselves down.
They always have a supply of chocolate- if you ever need cheering up, go to a Maddy.
Maddy's are crazy, they will do anything if they feel like it, not matter how mad it is.
My Maddy is the best of all the Maddy's.
Aw, you're doing a Maddy!
by fellowtramps4life April 17, 2010
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