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name, meaning:

phresh; dopee; originality; passionate;
takes the simplicity of a regular name and creates a greater depth than noticed.
sounds normal; but when read is complex
usually an attractive girl, or betteryet an adictive personality
"Maddey be so legitt, she so damn sexyy"
by Lacey Wilkinson April 07, 2009
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Maddey is a beautiful girl. Maddey's are usually tall, brunettes. Maddey is a dope basketball player who can light up a room with her smile. Maddey's take a simple name and make it complex and beautiful. Maddey's are amazing singers, they have angelic voices. Maddey's are also very tough girls who like respect. They even have adorable laughs!
"Woah gurll did you see Maddey she's HOT!" "Maddey, do you want to play basketball tomorrow?"
by Kiarajung June 10, 2018
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