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She’s incredibly loyal and talented when she chooses a talent she is the best at it she is very gorgeous and beautiful she’s also very picky with who she chooses to love but will end up with the best man because of how she picks and chooses Maddelyn’s are very sporty and like gymnastics they can also sing! They are the main attraction of all the boys all the boys want her she is a natural born leader and looked up apon by her peers she usaually has many many friends with how friendly she is admired and very funny and joyful to be around whenever you meet a Maddelyn you must keep and take that relationship and love it because she loves everyone and everything she only become upset when one of her friends betray her or her family they always have a desire to help other in any way shape or form she stands up for what is right and also dose the take crap from nobody she is very sassy but when you meet her she is very loyal and caring toward you they will do anything to protect you and she forgives easy because she doesn’t hold grudges she also refuses to say that she loves someone unless she knows that the love is real Maddelyn are priceless and near perfect and they are the best friends that you could ever have also she is a head turner she can make all the girls want to be her and all the boys want her so when you see her STOP AND LOOK she is beautiful and amazing she is near perfect and priceless!!
Dang Maddelyn looks good today
I know right she’s been my crush for 7 years!! And she’s my best friend
by :3 Maddie :3 June 06, 2018
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a glamorous girl, amazingly cute, with high class and extremely fashionable taste. She is friendly, joyous, fun, and a delight to be around. She is admired and looked up to among her peers. She likes to party and is true to her friends and her lover. In fact, she only becomes hurt when she is betrayed or saddened by her friends, family or lovers. She has a strong desire to help others. She is skillful and is the best at the sport or talent she chooses. Unfortunately, girls like Madelyn attract a few players and a few stalkers.She forgives easy and is selective with who she loves. She refuses to love or say she loves unless she is certain it is real. She ends up with the most amazing man among her friends because she is selective when she chooses. She will go far in life because she has irresistible charm. In the end, everyone wants a Madelyn. Madelyn's are priceless and near perfect she is crazy and wild and she’s a head turner and is the main attraction to all the boys the girls wanna be her and the boys wanna date ghee so hold onto her because she is protective of her friends and sassy and loyal so when she walks in the room LOOK she amazing and beautiful and great at gymnastics she’s amazing and near perfect and priceless!
Man I wanted to date Maddelyn since I was in the 1rst grade and she’s my best friend!
by :3 maddog :3 June 06, 2018
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A caring person who is incredibly loyal. Stands up for what's right and doesn't take crap from anyone
by Gabriella.montez April 18, 2018
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A popular snot who is exactly the opposite of humble. She thinks she is better than every one and craves attention from boys. You try to be her friend but she just ignores you.
Dang, that girl is such a self centered Maddelyn.
by supesbored June 06, 2017
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