Noun. A term used by fitness people, usually bodybuilders, to describe the protien, fats, and carbs they must meet or stay under every damn day if they want to get results.
Man, I really want that pizza, but it doesn't fit into my macros for today.
by The Gym Sensei November 14, 2013
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An IRC geek. Friend of ultrasex. Defender of the hopeless.
Macros is a geek.
by Macros March 24, 2003
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Elite hacker channel or room that has mad old school hax0r elites.
Macros owns you hardcore.
by syren April 29, 2005
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Character from Magician, a book by Raymond E. Feist.
Macros The Black
by Macros March 24, 2003
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So hard up and desperate for a root that he will openly and publicly spade anyone that will definitely put out.
"caley is a gorgeous, cute, friendly, funny, lovely person. Caley is luffly."
by saddam March 25, 2003
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Wonderful-iRC-geekoid! :> Super-sweet, and super-kind :>
"Ultra|seX, entertain me, i`m bored!"
by Ultra|seX March 24, 2003
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A computer program which preforms a repetitive task (Can record keystrokes and clicks)
I used a macro so i wouldnt have to do so much work.
by Kurt Gonter March 1, 2006
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