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Noun. A term used by fitness people, usually bodybuilders, to describe the protien, fats, and carbs they must meet or stay under every damn day if they want to get results.
Man, I really want that pizza, but it doesn't fit into my macros for today.
by The Gym Sensei November 13, 2013
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A computer program which preforms a repetitive task (Can record keystrokes and clicks)
I used a macro so i wouldnt have to do so much work.
by Kurt Gonter February 28, 2006
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In strategical games macro is the skill of making sufficient units all the time, without having further problems by this. In order to have a good macro, you need speed and a good eco.
If someone were to produce a tank every 15 seconds while he is busy dealing with actual battles and micro, this could be seen as good macro since the eco has enough time to rebuild and there is a constant feed of that unit.
Nada's macro is so gosu, he manages to outnumber all his enemies
by Xeo March 13, 2005
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noun: a program that allows the player of an MMORPG computer game to leave the computer alone while his game character does menial, repetitive work. These programs are illegal, but widely used, because the kind of tedious labor they perform for you is quite maddening over time. A "macroer" is a player using such a program.
If you use a macro, you can mine coal without even being at your machine!

Heh, wasn't it funny when that macroer's axe broke and he just kept trying to cut down the tree?
by Auridan December 06, 2005
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Ok the people here obviously don't know what a macro is. A macro is a funny picture with a caption in it. Usually used on forums. Macros can be made completely from scratch. Or could be just a still shot of something and someone just adds the caption in. Macro can be made from anything. Real life, Anime, Video games. Macros are just funny pictures with a caption (usually using internet speak such as "lol wut?") That are usually used on internet forums.
It's retarded that no one on urban dictionary knows what a macro is.
by Idkw/e October 28, 2007
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The ability in RTS games to constantly produce units, keep a strong economy going, and build up a base. The opposite of micro, which involves controlling individual units.

In other words, keeping your money down (always spending it on units), your income up (by building workers to collect resources), and your army larger than your opponent's.
Zerg (from Starcraft) is a macro-intensive race, because of its ability to build units and expand easily.
by Terrazine September 18, 2011
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1. The oppiste of Micro, basically discribes something big.

2. In the furry fandom, macro is used to describe used to describe 50 ft^ anthros, like the kind you see in Rampage. Macro charectars are often used in Furry RPs, and theres a crapload of art based on the concept, It has really became a sub-fandom of the Furry fandom.
1. An event of macro proportions.

2. ROGUE is a macro wolf.
by Pyro Maniac May 09, 2004
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