4th Lt. C. MacLeod was a former, U.S. Navy SEAL and special warfare operator BUDS dropout. 4th Lt. MacLeod claims to have fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden during Kitchen Patrol duty while serving aboard the HMS Bounty. 4th Lt. MacLeod later went on to lead a mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty due to the poor ratings he received from his commander, Major Pritzker. Disgruntled HMS Bounty crewmen, led by 4th Lt. MacLeod, seized control of the ship and set Major Pritzker and 4 loyalists adrift in the ship's open launch. The mutineers later settled in Baltimore, and went on to lead mediocre lives as marginal government employees.
The legend of C. MacLeod is a lesson in the failures of leadership.
by Tyler Durden February 4, 2020
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VERB: To delete a witty or offensive Facebook post out of fear of being seen as the witty or offensive jackass that you have actually become.
Person: Hey Monique, did you see that comment that Alex made on your status?

Monique: No I didnt, he must have gone an "MacLeod'ed" the comment before I could read it. What a pussy.
by Anony_baby October 28, 2010
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The biggest badass in human history, Immortal Scottish warrior who chops off the heads of his enemies in order to add their power to his own, eventually releasing The Quickening, also was trained by Sean Connery
man1- Did you see what was going on on top of Silvercup Stadium last night?

man 2- yeah, looks like Macleod is at it again
by chettheninja June 11, 2010
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Term of violence when one male punches the other in a lash of anger...
Marc: did you see that?
Paul: no what happend

Marc: big aido gave Jamie the eld Macleod, knock'd him clean out

Paul: :o I'll take him lol jk
by It was jamie August 2, 2012
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the guy who made all that amazing background music that all the popular youtubers use
Jim: Kevin macleod made all that awesome music, did u know that?
Mike: Shut the f*** up, I'm playing minecraft
by Thatguywhoeveryonecallsemo October 31, 2017
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Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services/Minister Responsible for Women's Issues.

Self righteous ass who always thinks she's right and a victim of society, a Progressive Conservative, a Politician who always has her nose up Doug Fords ass and runs from Autism parents.
I told my bf I was pregnant, and he bolted faster than lisa MacLeod
by Xaviersmom May 26, 2019
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