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B.D. Beckford was the founding member of the Baltimore Fur Con. The convention was founded in 2016 by B.D. Beckford, New Jersey-born Naruto fan, who mounted the Baltimore S&M Fur Fair, one of the first commercial furry-fan conventions. When he moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 2015, he organized a one-day convention (Fluff and Stuff) on December 7, 2015, as a kind of 'dry run' for the larger convention he hoped to stage. B.D. Beckford went on to be a contributing member of 4Chan, and is best known for his artwork depicting ladyboy furry pornography and erotic fan fiction.
B.D. Beckford is as cool as his hero Naruto.

Did you see B.D. Beckford’s new windowless white work van?
by Tyler Durden February 4, 2020
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Fort Jackson S.C. is the largest and most active POG training center in the U.S. Army, training 50 percent of all soldiers and 60 percent of the women entering the Army each year. If you want to join the Army to be a secretary or some shit you’ll train here.
Army Soldier: “What the fuck is a laundry technician? And where the hell is Fort Jackson?”

POG: “We’re all soldiers, one team one fight”

Army Soldier: “Shut the fuck up POG, they’re sending my ass to the Ft. Benning School For Wayward Boys”
by Tyler Durden February 4, 2020
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4th Lt. C. MacLeod was a former, U.S. Navy SEAL and special warfare operator BUDS dropout. 4th Lt. MacLeod claims to have fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden during Kitchen Patrol duty while serving aboard the HMS Bounty. 4th Lt. MacLeod later went on to lead a mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty due to the poor ratings he received from his commander, Major Pritzker. Disgruntled HMS Bounty crewmen, led by 4th Lt. MacLeod, seized control of the ship and set Major Pritzker and 4 loyalists adrift in the ship's open launch. The mutineers later settled in Baltimore, and went on to lead mediocre lives as marginal government employees.
The legend of C. MacLeod is a lesson in the failures of leadership.
by Tyler Durden February 4, 2020
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Sometimes called the giant ground sloth, that is indigenous to Upperco. Only a few other land mammals equaled or exceeded Urbanik in size, such as large proboscideans (e.g., elephants) and the giant rhinoceros. The Urbanik is known to be a natural predator of the American Begal.
Dude! Did you just see that Urbanik run over that Begal?

I think that Urbanik is having a Seazur!
by Tyler Durden February 4, 2020
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Henry Villard was an American journalist and financier who was an early president of the Northern Pacific Railway. Villard later acquired the New York Evening Post and The Nation, and established the predecessor of General Electric. He was the first benefactor of the University of Oregon, and contributed to other universities, churches, hospitals, and orphanages.
One can only hope to be as rich and successful in life as that Villard
by Tyler Durden February 4, 2020
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