Thizzelle Washington, Mr. Furly, Thizz King and many other nicknames; Creator of the Thizzle Dance, Thizzle Wiggle, Stupid Dances. Forever Remembered. Missed by Many. From California to Kansas City, to New York.

Great Lyricist, Dancer, Actor, performer, Producer, and many more thangs he was good at. Very Creative

Andre "Mac Dre" Hicks (1970-2004)
Thizz In Paridise
I Dont Bust em in half that leaves a nasty taste, I swollow em whole and get the Thizz Face.

From the streets of Valejo all the way to Paseo bitch its Pussy for sale.

And that Iz Real, Like a Thizz Pill, nd I Will Kill...

Bye Valejo King
by Khristopher Davis AKA Dre January 02, 2005
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Files named ".DS_Store" that Mac OS X Finder leaves behind in every folder that it accesses.
God damn it, stop accessing my file server with your Mac! It leaves Mac poop all over the fucking place! FUUUUUUUUUUUU-
by z3pp3h December 22, 2009
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amount of money equicalent to buying a macbook i.e $1000 or more
Girl 1: You think I could afford a weave like beyonce ?

Girl 2: You got mac money ?

Girl 1: Nah, but I guess I can skip rent this month...
by JERKER19 July 18, 2010
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The art of flirting with, hitting on, or seducing another person by means of the internet. It can be happen through instant messenger, email, facebook chat, myspace messages, and many other forms of text-based communication.

Often, it's risky business and requires extreme skill and intellectual prowess in order to be conducted effectively. The lack of emotion behind pure text can sometimes make it difficult to detect sarcasm or ones true intention behind what they are saying which can lead to extremely awkward situations (especially the following day when you see the other in person).
Jeff just spent two hours on facebook chat. He was cyber maccing on Debby.

by Chupacabra Hunter April 18, 2009
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