Huge, large and loves a bit of mc donnalds
Wow look at that fat guy over there, he looks like a mac
by Nbjkbku May 03, 2018
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An overpriced computer catering to women and metrosexuals who don't care what's inside as long at comes in a shiny box. Apple works hard to advance innovation in shiny box technology. Comes with great customer support for people who don't know how to use a computer.
I got bored of looking at the same Mac for a year so I bought this year's model that comes in an even shinier box.
by bob_bobbb March 16, 2016
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You want some weed?

Oh come on you know I’m gonna tell the cops cuz I’m a snitch. They don’t call me Mac β€œ6ix9ine” Jones for nothing
by Mac6ix9ineJones January 08, 2020
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