Married White Male, opposite of MWF, Married White Female.
MWM looking for that someone special in his life.
by kmarco June 1, 2006
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Mediocre White Man, or Mediocre White Male
There are too many MWMs whose egos outweigh their merits.
by MGpants March 10, 2021
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Oh my gosh, I wish I had the confidence of a MWM on social media when someone disagrees with me.
by LRMO July 27, 2021
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who’s “mwm”? they sent you a message. Oh that’s just “my weed man

do you know anyone selling? Yeah I’ll message “mwm”
by amy isabella November 15, 2020
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Often referred to as threesome but Man on Woman on Man action was hot in the 80s.. Oh I miss the 80s:)
There's was some hot MWM action down by the lake... Stupid ME, forgot my camera
by Bigben#1 December 4, 2021
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Mistakes were made
“Mwm this weekend
by ilh420333 October 3, 2021
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