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Material Safety Data Sheets, A compilation of information required under the OSHA Communication Standard on the identity of hazardous chemicals, health, and physical hazards, exposure limits, and precautions.
MSDS shall be available upon request.
by m0ceN August 21, 2005
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M.S.D. stands for "maximum squirting distance," referring to the max distance a girl can squirt girl cum out her vagina.
"What's your M.S.D?"
"Dude, Becky's M.S.D. is like 5 feet!"
by rolling_sideways October 27, 2011
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a bowl, bong, pipe, some other device used to smoke bud; where's your MSD?
by Nick . July 11, 2006
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(Stands for "Middle School Dropout.") An 11-15 year old on the internet who possesses an inflated ego, and is known for over-exaggerating statements spoken or actions committed by a good or neutral person, making them look bad while providing poor evidence, but succeeds into doing so.
The people who run this image-with-music account are MSDs.
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by Super Saiyazard January 13, 2021
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freshman girls will legit be having sex with seniors in a car in the parking lot. rich kids destroying their lungs with vapes, and girls that have names like blake, zoey, laura, jaden, ethan, sarah, and sophia would be whoring around thinking they’re pretty when in reality they look like rats. xoxo.
msd? oh you mean marjory stoneman douglas? oh shit. sorry, didn’t wanna catch whore fever.
by xoxoasianbitch November 22, 2019
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