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Bully: but peter, I have MS!

Peter: You hear that chris? Now he's bragging that he has a monkey scrotum!

Chris: NO DAD!
by MSooRi April 27, 2009
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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common disabling neurological condition affecting young adults. Around 85,000 people in the UK alone have MS.

MS is the result of damage to myelin - a protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system. When myelin is damaged, this interferes with messages between the brain and other parts of the body.

For some people, MS is characterised by periods of relapse and remission while for others it has a progressive pattern. For everyone, it makes life unpredictable.
by Antony Johnston April 07, 2006
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Oh man, have you seen that old guy, he's got a huge M.S

Jay lenno has a M.S on his face
by desmund tootoo July 16, 2010
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Very common abbreviation of Microsoft. Also M$, Micro$oft, Micro$haft.
I just installed another MS security update.
by amnca November 05, 2003
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Stands for either:

1. Microsoft.
2. MySpace.
3. MapleStory.

among other things...
1. I used MS Word the other day to type up an essay.
2. I deleted some friends on MS.
3. I got kill-stealed on MS for the 50 millionth time.
by gs68 June 27, 2006
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